Learn to skydive with the only AFF school in the North East!

Accelerated Free Fall “AFF” really means Accelerated Learning, it is a professional one to one, 1-8 jump skydiving course designed for you. AFF is a great way of learning to skydive with continuity in as little as 8 jumps. The AFF school is located at the Durham based parachute centre, and you will complete a minimum of 6 hours ground training, and then you will jump with 2 instructors from 12,000 – 15,000 feet. You’ll freefall for around 45 seconds – 1 minute and then deploy your canopy at 6,000 feet under the supervision of your instructors. The canopy ride lasts around 5 minutes where you are in complete control and are responsible for navigating yourself back to the ground.

There are three options for the AFF course (please see below), and each requires a £150 deposit, unless you would like to pay in full upfront.  However, before you select one of the options and book in, please make sure you have read the fitness requirements. 

The Explorer Package Course (L1)

8 Jump AFF Course

Gold BPA Full Licence Course

Fitness Requirements

Most people are fit enough to jump so providing you can sign the declaration of fitness to parachute then you should be fine.
We have an advisory weight limit of 16 stone
The minimum age to skydive in the UK is 16 and the upper age limit to learn how to skydive is 55.
Membership of the BPA gives you 3rd party liability insurance but it does not cover personal accident insurance. Most people don’t bother with extra medical or accident insurance when jumping in the UK but that is up to you.

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