Capture your day and star in your very own movie for £99!

You have just paid £250 to £300 to skydive and now you are trying to decide whether it is worth spending another £99 to have your experience recorded. It all adds up, doesn’t it!?

I am not trying to be a pushy sales person here, but from my own experience….take full advantage of the opportunity to have your jump filmed. Chances are, you will regret it afterwards if you don’t. How many times have we had something great happen and said “darn, I wish I had a camera for this!” – well, this is one of those times and you currently have the opportunity to make sure your your magical adventure is filmed. So, please, don’t miss out on that.

Skydiving is such an exhilarating experience, wouldn’t you want to capture it on video so you can relive it and share it with your friends and family whenever you want? If you choose to have your skydive filmed, you’ll be able to watch the reaction of your family & friends when you show them someone hurtling out of a perfectly good aeroplane at jaw dropping speeds (120 miles per hour), and they realise it’s you! You’ll notice the room heat up with the buzz about your skydive. It’s absolutely entertaining to see everyone react with amazement and their eyes will be glued to the screen as they watch your jump unfold.

Handycam FreefallFor many tandem students, you start your day off thinking this jump will be a once in a lifetime experience. However, your tandem instructor’s main aim is to give you an experience that is out of this world. An experience that we hope you’ll enjoy so much that you will want to book straight back in on landing. However, as with any highlight of your life – you cannot get that moment back. Sure, you can redo the event – but that first time, when your emotions are running high and your excitement radar is off the charts – that first time feeling is a once in a lifetime experience, so we always recommend you capture this moment on video with still photos. I have done 4 tandems and over 500 solo jumps, and none have been the same. Our previous thrill-seekers only ever rave about their very own skydiving movie and photographs, they never regret paying the £99 to have their first skydive captured, but quite often thrill-seekers do regret it if they don’t have their jump filmed;

Tandem Skydive Door ShotAs you sit in the open door of a perfectly working aircraft, flying 2 or 3 miles above the earth, you will feel various sensations, so much adrenaline will be pumping through your body as you prepare to jump. Between the adrenaline – emotions – excitement you are feeling, chances are your memory will become blurred and you may forget exactly how your body and mind felt at the various stages of your skydive. But if you have your skydive filmed, you will look back at your video for some time, allowing you to relive that momentous event over again.

For those of you on social media, this is also the perfect opportunity to capture the ULTIMATE profile picture that will make your friends insanely jealous.

What is included for £99 and how will my jump be filmed?

The Video & Stills package costs £99 and for that you will have your entire experience captured from the moment you are kitted up to the moment your feet are firmly back on terra-firma.

The parachute centre has a fantastic team of highly trained freefall photographers as well as highly qualified tandem instructors who are also trained to operate a wrist mounted GoPro camera during your skydive. You will either be filmed by one of the camera-flyers (the Outsidecam option) or by your Instructor wearing a camera on his wrist. This is called the Handycam option and gives you the Ultimate Selfie during freefall.

Freedom Skydiving Cameraflyer and Tandem
Freedom Skydiving Cameraflyer and Tandem

The main differences between Outsidecam and Handycam is that with the camera-flyer you will have someone else in freefall with you, capturing your skydive from different angles and you will also have your landing captured. Whereas the Handycam provides close up freefall shots, which is why we call it the Ultimate selfie. The pro to the handycam is that you will be able to see your face as your canopy deploys and your instructor will also be able to capture footage of your canopy ride. The video footage will capture your close-up reactions – visual and vocal (so, note to self: do not swear if you’re showing the footage to mum later!)

Due to several operational factors, the parachute centre cannot give you the option of whether you are filmed by the Outsidecam or by the Handycam, however both will give you a stunning memento of your skydive. You’ll receive your video via DropBox within 12-24 hours, or if you are willing to wait for a USB, within 45 minutes of your feet hitting the ground!

Tandem Skydive with Moon in backgroundWith the Outsidecam options, when it is your turn to jump, your camera-flyer will climb out of the plane and take video and stills footage as you prepare to jump from 2-3 miles up. They’ll then use their skill to track you as you freefall, capturing your descent from a range of different angles. You’ll see the landscape below and above in stunning perspective, get a birds’ eye view of your acceleration through the clouds. If you’re a little nervous they’re a great partner to give you face-to-face encouragement in the air, whilst making you the star of one of the best movies of all time!

Handycam Canopy RideIf you are given the Handycam option, your tandem instructor will be highly skilled; only those instructors who have done a minimum of 500 tandem skydives as a tandem master are permitted by the British Parachute Association to do this. The results are however amazing – the ultimate skydive selfies! Taken at altitudes of up to 15,000ft whilst freefalling at 120mph, your friends and family cannot fail to be impressed.

Whether you are filmed by your instructor or by a camera-flyer, once you are kitted up, you will have a short interview so that you can tell everyone why you are jumping out of a perfectly working aircraft. For those of you that are jumping for charity, this is a good opportunity to talk about the charity and tell everyone how much money you have raised. On landing, you will have another interview so that your sponsors can see that you have taken the plunge and so that you can tell all your friends and family exactly how amazing your skydive was. Your video will then be edited by a professional editor who will turn your experience into a beautiful visual trophy of your experience that you will be able to keep forever. You will also receive around 40 photographs.


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